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   2014 Jack Bradford Memorial Judo Tournament 
All Divisions are determined at time of weigh-ins and are subject to modification based on entries. Come join us for this Annual Memmorial to honor Jack Bradford.  2014-10-03  2014-10-04  Glendale  AZ  Tournament  Regional 
   SOHK Junior Judo Scrimmage 
This Scrimmage is for those 16 Yrs and under. The goal of this Scrimmage is to develop the skills of beginners and novice players through competition experiance. Medals will be awarded 1st through 3rd Places. Come join us and learn.  2014-10-04  2014-10-04  Magnolia  TX  Tournament  Local 
   Road to Black Belt-Hal Sharp Book Sign & Clinic 
Road to Black Belt for Novice Students & Teachers. Book Signing & Clinic by Hal Sharp, 9th Dan. This Clinic will introduce the junior promotion system created by Hal Sharp. A copy of the manual will be available.  2014-10-05  2014-10-05  Rancho Cucamonga  CA  Clinic  Local 
   14th Annual Dr. Z Memorial 
This Annual Event speaks to the memory of a great man and his devotion to the sport of Judo. Be sure to join us for this Annual Celebration of Dr. Z.  2014-10-11  2014-10-11  Claremont  CA  Camp/Competition  Regional 
   First Baptist Harrah Open Judo Tournament 
Come join us at the First Baptist Church Harrah Open Judo Tournament. We are expecting 140 Participants. What a great way to interacr with fellow judoka and have fun, compete and learn.  2014-10-11  2014-10-11  Harrah  OK  Tournament  State 
   25th Ippon Judo Open 
Stating that this is the 25th Annual Ippon Open says it all. Come join us to have fun, learn and improve your skills.  2014-10-11  2014-10-11  Peachtree City  GA  Tournament  Regional 
   4th Annual Gateway Invitational Judo Tournament 
This event is for all to come and celebrate the 4th Annual Gateway Invitational Judo Tournament. Come and join us to have fun, learn and improve your skills.  2014-10-11  2014-10-11  Overland  MO  Tournament  Regional 
   Moreau's Training Center Judo Clinic 
Sponsored By Moreau's Training Center-owner and Coach Tom Moreau-Certified Judo and boxing trainer. Come join us and learn how to improve your skills.  2014-10-18  2014-10-18  Londonderry  NH  Clinic  State 
   Maumee Bay Classic 
This is a graet Annual Event! The Events will consist of Judo Kata, and Junior, Senior and Master Shiai. Come join us to compete, learn and have fun while improving your skills.  2014-10-18  2014-10-18  Sylvania  OH  Tournament  Regional 
   2014 LA Open Judo Tournament 
Come join us at this Open Judo Tournament. Learn from some of the best and compete while you improve your skills at the same time. Awards: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Medals for individuals in all divisions.  2014-10-18  2014-10-18  Denham Springs  LA  Tournament  Regional 
   Itsutsu-NoKata & Tandoku Renshu Clinic 
We will cover both the Itsutsu-No-Kata and the Tandoku Renshu (Solo Exercises) Come join us and learn how to improve your skills.  2014-10-19  2014-10-19  Durham  NH  Clinic  Local 
   Moreau's Training Center In House Shiai 
Divisions will be split into light, medium and heavy. Age, weight and experiance will also be considered. This is meant to be a fundamental competition and will help to learn/apply new rules.  2014-10-25  2014-10-25  Londonderry  NH  Tournament  Local 
   2014 LA Open Judo Tournament 
This annual Tournament is open to all members holding a current USJA, USJI or USJF Membership. USJA memberships are available on site. Come and join us. Awards: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Medals.  2014-10-25  2014-10-25  Denham Springs  LA  Tournament  Regional 
   All Judo Day 
To honor the birth of the founder of Judo, Jigaro Kano, River City Martial Arts/Grants Pass Judo Club is hosting a Judo Clinic. The event is free & open to all that have a current membership. Come and learn as some unique knowledge and skills are shared.  2014-10-28  2014-10-28  Grants Pass  OR  Clinic  Local 
   Guest Coach Clinic 
Come join us at this State Clinic to learn and improve your techniques.  2014-10-28  2014-10-28  Stevens Point  WI  Clinic  State