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   Coach certification Clinic 
Come to the Clinic and learn how to be Certified and receive your Coach Certification after lessons and testing.  2014-11-02  2014-11-02  Spring  TX  Clinic  Local 
   Team Championship 
osted by Tomodachi Judo Club the Team Championship is an event attended by approximately 150 participants and is a great place to experiance the thrill of competition and the anticipation of learning.   2014-11-08  2014-11-08  Delray Beach  FL  Tournament  Regional 
   UT Martial Arts Club Annual Judo Tournament 
Current IJF Rules. Additional rule modifications may be made at the discretion of the Tournament Director with consultation from the Chief Referee.  2014-11-08  2014-11-08  Knoxville  TN  Tournament  Local 
   Mojica Judo Scrimmage Tournament 
Matches will be conducted using current IJF rules with modifications. Referees and Coaches meeting at 8:00 AM  2014-11-09  2014-11-09  Baldwin Park  CA  Tournament  Local 
   Referee Clinic 
Content: Judo Refereeing & Competition Rules, with emphasis on IJF Refereeing & Competition Rules Modifications for 2013-2016. Local/Regional USJA certification testing will be available at the conclusion of the Clinic.  2014-11-15  2014-11-15  Bellflower  CA  Clinic  Regional 
   Reraku Waza Clinic & Proper Gripping Strategies 
This will be an excellant Clinic on STRATEGIES to improve entry to competitive Tachi Waza. This will also be great for Coaches to take back to your Dojo's.  2014-11-15  2014-11-15  Madison  WI  Clinic  Regional 
   12th Annual Red, White, & Blue Classic 
Kata competition begins at 10:00 A.M. Opening ceremonies will be 11:30 with Master & Junior competition to follow. Come join us to have fun, learn and improve your skills.  2014-11-15  2014-11-15  Marion  IN  Tournament  Regional 
   Judo for Self Defense 
Thomas Moreau will be the head clinician. He will teach all aspects of judo application for self defense. The Clinic will include Nage waza, Ne waza, Shime waza, Kansetsu waza & Atemi waza.  2014-11-22  2014-11-22  Londonderry  NH  Clinic  State 
   Nakabayashi Judo Championships 
Come and join us for the Nakabayashi Judo Championships 2014. Competition will involve Junior, Senior and Master Players. Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd & two 3rd Places. Perpetual Team Trophy awarded to the Club scoring the most points.   2014-11-30  2014-11-30  New Rochelle  NY  Tournament  Regional